About Delta International

Delta International offers environmental products including sewer cleaning
equipment. We also have street sweeping equipment and street sweeping
supplies. We have recently expanded our line of products by pursuing the
medical industry and offering state-of-the-art digital x-ray systems.

Delta International is dedicated to meeting the increasing demands of the
municipal market worldwide. We have associates through out several countries
in the Middle East such as Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, U.A.E... etc. Services in other
countries are also available upon request.

We offer equipment and services at a reasonable profit, while seeking
opportunities for growth in areas consistent with our core business. As the
municipal market continues to evolve, Delta International will continue to find
new and innovative ways to support customers through the increasing use of
technology, creative business techniques and the strengthening of individual
customer relationships.

Some of the principles that we share at Delta International are:

Quality comes first.
Customer Satisfaction is the name of the game and the customer gets
to keep score.
Employee involvement is the only way to succeed. Not only does the
commitment of all our people make the job more interesting and
rewarding - it is the only way to achieve total company-wide